Law Data Workshop is a site providing some examples of Law Data Analyzis for lawyers based on new IT approaches. The objective is to demonstrate that legal data are much richer than what can be extracted by standard search engines techniques.

The first set of data analyzis which is available is based on the judgments of the United Nations Administrative Tribunal (updated18 November 2017) : this part of the tool is developed with Apache Lucene and Vis.js vizualisation software (network and timeline).


The second set of data is based on decisions of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee. The visualization tools are also based on Vis with PHP Lucene for search engine.


The third set of data is based on the analysis of the French constitutional court (Conseil constitutionnel) with decisions from 1958 to September 2017. The visualization tools are based on the Treant js library which allows trees presentations.


The fourth set of data is based on the CASS and INCA databases of the French Cour de Cassation : cases are selected on the basis of key-words proposed for important decisions by the Cour de Cassation. This work is done in collaboration with A. Gonzales (University of Aix-Marseille) in the context of a project supported by Mission "Droit et Justice". The project is developed in Angular (version 5) using  Apache Lucene and Vis.js vizualisation software



A few things about me ... my name is Marc Clément, I am a French judge with a background in engineering and research in computer science. Do not hesitate to contact me for a feedback on this work.


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